JR0304 Colored stretch film

Stretch film is frequently used to wrap, and it is ideal for bundling and unitizing a number of small, individual, irregular shaped items into larger loads.
Features :
1. Made of 100% raw materials.
2. Smooth and moisture proof.
3. High tension force.
4. Good tensile strength and elongation.
5. Puncture resistance.
6. Applicable to industrial, office and home use.
7. Environmental.
JR0304 Colored stretch film
Spe/No Width Thickness Length Net weight Core diameter Adhesive face
JR0301 500-1500mm 12-40um 2720-272m 15.00kg I.D.2&3 Inside.Outside.Or both sides.
JR0302 500-1500mm 12-40um 2720-90m 5.00kg I.D.2&3 Inside.Outside.Or both sides.
JR0303 40-500mm 12-30um 350-135m 0.15-2.50kg I.D.1.5 Inside.Outside.Or both sides.
JR0304 500-1000mm 17-40um 640-136m 5.00kg I.D.2&3 Inside.Outside.Or both sides.
JR0305 250-750mm 25um 1200-1800m 6.9-31.00kg I.D.2&3 Inside.Outside.Or both sides.
Remark: Special specification available upon request.